Information about COVID-19

Denna sida på Svenska / Last update: August 30

We paused the orchestras activities in spring 2020 due to the corona pandemic. Our concert with the theme “Fantasy” was postponed first until the autumn, then indefinitely.

We started to rehearse again during the autumn term, however, we split up the orchestra in two groups: The wind instruments and percussion rehearsed in the theatre (Teatern) while the strings rehearsed in the disco (Diskot) to be able to keep enough distance. During the autumn we had to once again pause the orchestras activities. During the spring we had some digital events with the orchestra.

In autumn 2021, we will start rehearsing together again.  We will follow social distancing with distance between chairs and all recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden during rehearsals to keep us safe and minimize spread of infection.

If you have questions regarding the pandemic and what we do or if you want to join us, contact our chairman: ordf (at)

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